“In the aftermath of a vigorous trek through the political arena, cultural nuance, artistic brilliance, and historical legacy of Cairo and its pyramids, we ventured to the namesake coastal city of Alex to be washed in the singular charm of its beauty and intellectual vibrancy. Our bonds were strengthened further in an intimate exchange of ideas, hopes, concerns, and experiences. Luxor has imprinted itself in my memory and soul for it epitomizes the heart of Egypt and its matchless heritage. The purpose of our mission appears clear as we solidified our action projects, simultaneously adventuring to the ruins of ancient empires while breathing the life of the Nile and understanding that we are but shadows passing through whose purpose, in our respective segment of a century, is to build the future so that others may seek the perfect world we now pursue.”
Daniel Sullivan, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

4th February 2016