“Towards the end of this experience, I feel the most I've gotten out of it, is the human connection. I feel the fellows have come to understand each other more and have formed a sense of initial trust to some extent. I believe the dynamics of the group work quite well and it shall reveal itself more when we start materializing our action projects. We have been given a great opportunity that is too good to waste and through the places and people we've met so far, we've been inspired in one way or another. I still feel however (baring in mind security issues) that the US fellows could've gotten to know more about the modern egyptian by dwelling among the streets and having a bit more freedom to move around, in Cairo specifically. Being in Luxor has especially inspired, and saddened me, because this is where the beauty of egyptian history, and the impact of economic downturn and instability is more apparent all in one. This is a place that needs us and needs to be revived. I believe overall, I've learned a bit more about myself and country, and I will certainly miss the experience, and I'm definitely looking forward to October and our U.S. visit.”
Mariam Ibrahim, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

4th February 2016