“As the Egyptian part of the program comes to an end, I have to say that it was an eye-opening experience in which, I have had the chance to address the common issues between Egypt, and the US and discuss it with the fellows. The fellows from both sides have shown overwhelming passion for their areas of interests and surprisingly, have shown an interest in other fields of study that are different from their professional backgrounds. This diverse range of interests and openness to learn others has created a very engaging and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. Through the thoughtful discussions, we shared our visions for a better tomorrow and established a close bond of friendship, and respect. Moreover, we had the chance to brain storm on our action projects and form groups of counterparts with similar concepts. Action project ideas are very diverse and original and I can easily expect that the final product of each project will best represent the uniqueness of the experience and the variety of skills in the group. I eagerly look forward to being exposed to the US context in order to incorporate it into the action project along with my counterparts.”
Mohammed Mubarak, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

4th February 2016