“It is a life changing experience." This is the first answer comes to my mind when asked about my impression on the fellowship. The amount of knowledge and life experience I gained far exceeded my expectations. For instance, the access we, as fellows, had to world renowned public figures played an essential role in addressing the challenges we face from a local, as well as global perspective. This gave us the chance to understand the origin of our differences, and at the same time, appreciate the similarities we share, and eventually we became friends, for life. A few months ago, if someone told me that I am going to meet with White House officials, and tell them how I feel towards their policies on Egypt, I would have been very sceptical about it. But this is just a part of what we had the chance to experience through this fellowship. In addition to that, surprisingly, I didn't only learn about the US, but I also learned many, and new things about my own country, Egypt. In conclusion, if I have the chance to continue being part of it, I would definitely do it over and over and over again. ”
Mohammed Mubarak, Gabr Fellow. November 19th 2013

4th February 2016