“A few months ago, in the aftermath of a personal tragedy. I decided to leave everything familiar and go out of my comfort zone. At the same time, I was accepted into the program and my version of "eat, Love and pray" just started with this acceptance. Actually, I went to America to meet the Americans; instead, I met myself. In spite of the different backgrounds, I met myself in the 19 other Gabr Fellows with whom I shared the journey. I found my soul in the high-speed motion of NY City and in in the homeless people on the streets. In Times Square, I heard myself in Spanish, English, Urdu and even some languages I’ve never heard before. I saw my reflection in the Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta. I saw myself as a child, playing in the same neighbourhood Dr. King played in. I let my grief fall with the yellow and orange leaves of autumn in Washington. The city contradictions was nothing but my own ones. Gabr fellowship for me is a lifetime event. I've learned to understand and appreciate others. I learnt to accept humanity in others, in order to accept me as human being.”
Noha Eid, Gabr Fellow. November 25th 2013

4th February 2016