Arab American Institute

Information Statement 6

The Shafik Gabr Foundation is pleased to announce that the second phase of the Gabr Fellows programme, which shall take place in the United States during the period 19 October to 3 November 2013, and shall include visits to New York, New Haven, Atlanta, Virginia and Washington D.C., shall be conducted with the Arab American Institute.

The Arab American Institute led by its President James Zogby has over the years developed and implemented many Arab American initiatives. The Shafik Gabr Foundation is looking forward to working in cooperation with the Arab American Institute and developing an in-depth and extensive program for the 22 American and Egyptian Gabr Fellows that began this exchange program in Egypt on 2 June. The profiles of the Fellows can be seen here.

The schedule of the program shall be on the website by 1 October. For further information, please e-mail