Impressions of the 2018 Gabr Fellows

Impressions of the 2018 Gabr Fellows


“The Fellowship was an excellent experience where I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, and predictions among two different cultures across multiple fields. It has enhanced my belief in the importance of informal engagement as an effective means to clear up misconceptions, correct misinformation, and overcome stereotypes.”
Ahmed Mostafa

“It was exciting to show my Egyptian colleagues American culture, politics, economics, and landmarks. The Gabr Fellowship allowed us to expose the Egyptians to the best America has to offer and created a deep level of cross-cultural understanding between the East and West.”
Allison Feikes

“I think the biggest takeaway from the trip which I can put into words is that I came to the realization that the world is full of people just trying to live. That may seem like a given, but it is so easy to look at those from a foreign land and see them as separate from us. The trip forced me to reassess this assumption, and my conclusion was that whether someone is from Egypt or the United States, all of us just want what’s best for our respective countries.”
Charles Truxal

"The Gabr Fellowship has changed the trajectory of my entire life in so many positive ways - I am more confident, I have greater clarity into what I want to achieve in my professional life, and I feel more equipped to push harder towards my greatest dreams! Engaging directly with business leaders, government officials, and artists from Egypt and the United States has given me the opportunity to learn more and intellectually wrestle with key issues - social, political and economic - that are and will be affecting our societies in the next 30 years. I left the program alongside 19 emerging leaders who I now can call my friends. Together we are stronger in making our dent in the universe within each of our respective fields"
Fabrice Guerrier

“The Gabr Fellowship was truly a life-changing experience on so many levels. I was very inspired to re-direct and push my career further after meeting with some of the most successful and inspirational leaders and figures in Egypt and the United States. I especially admire the successful and powerful women who made it to the highest leadership positions in some of the most critical organizations in both countries. I also believe this experience allowed me to rethink and break through the stereotypes and prejudices I had about many topics and learn to be more empathetic towards other people and their ideas. Additionally, I’m very grateful for this Fellowship since it allowed me to meet amazing new friends who come from various and different backgrounds. We have formed a great support group to foster each other’s growth and knowledge.”
Hanan Khayal

“The Gabr Fellowship is the type of opportunity you wish every person in the world could have. I truly believe that the values of understanding, collaboration, and perspective sharing that the Gabr Fellowship fosters are some of the most important tools to solving our global problems and building a more peaceful and prosperous world. I sincerely look forward to using the tools, perspective, and relationships the Gabr Fellowship gave me to push for such a world.”
Hayley Rose

“The Gabr Fellowship enabled me to experience Egypt's rich culture and reinforced my belief that Egypt plays a critical role in advancing global peace and security. The US portion of the Fellowship provided a different perspective to US foreign policy and helped me see New York and Washington through the eyes of our Egyptian Fellows. In both Egypt and the United States, I was deeply moved by the generosity and kindness of our Egyptian Fellows, as well as impressed by their vast knowledge and experience.”
Julie Yang

“The East-West: The Art of Dialogue initiative is not just an exchange program that aims to bring together people from Egypt and the US to bridge the gap between cultures. It is much more than that. It is a life-changing experience. The Fellowship opens new perspectives to the Fellows through unparalleled exposure and engagement. It allows us to learn, understand, and share experiences, not just about the other, but also about the self, and move closer towards the realization of one’s potential.”
Karim El Sharkawy

“The Gabr Fellowship allowed me an opportunity to experience new people and new places. It allowed me to connect with those I would not normally have the chance to meet, and for that I am grateful. I have faith that the relationship between Egypt and the United States will remain strong and resilient due to programs such as this.”
Katie Applebaum

“The Gabr Fellowship was an inspiring and empowering experience that I will never forget. The program is unmatched in terms of professional development and opens incredible doors for the Fellows to meet some of the most influential and innovative individuals from both the United States and Egypt. The relationships cultivated through travel, shared experience, and open-minded conversation have truly enriched my life, both professionally and personally, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to see Egypt and the US through a new lens. This Fellowship will stretch you and challenge you, but because of that, you are bound to come out of it more well-rounded and connected.”
Lauren Ziegler

“I was humbled by the people I met, their generosity, and their pride
in their respective countries. I had some of the most interesting
conversations with a great cohort of influential speakers. A transfixing
experience by all means!”
Maram Osama

“It has been a great pleasure to be a part of the East-West: The Art of Dialogue initiative. I truly appreciate every moment of the program in which I re-discovered my home country Egypt and learned about the USA from different points of view through various meetings, discussions, and visits. It was an excellent experience to build networks and make contacts and connections with Egyptian and American experts that would not have been otherwise possible. The Fellowship program has widened the horizons for productive collaborative work with the other Fellows for the foreseeable future and I am looking forward to completing our action projects!”
Marwa Abdalla

“Words can never describe how influential this Fellowship was for me on a personal and professional level. The Gabr Foundation gave me the opportunity to understand more, not just about the United States, but Egypt as well. It gave me so much positive energy, self-confidence, and resilience. Now I look at myself in a completely different way. I believe in myself and I know I can achieve my dreams no matter how hard they are.”
Muhammad El Hawary

“This was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to build lasting friendships and bonds that will bind us forever. To be part of this Fellowship is knowing that you have your class, the alumni Fellows, Mr. Gabr, and his amazing team rooting for you to change the world. #YallaY’all #Classof2018”
RJ Johnson

“The Gabr Fellowship presented me with the opportunity to connect with influencers from the spheres of government, business, and entertainment alike. Of equal importance, the Fellowship offered me valuable professional and social networks via my cohort, as well as among the strong alumni community.”
Sarah Walker

“Experiencing a new culture and engaging in productive, intensive discussions with experts from distinguished organizations and public figures allowed us to build real bridges of understanding and learning. It was an unforgettable, eye-opening, and unique experience that I wish I could repeat again and again.”
Shady Saleh

“I never wanted to limit myself to what I know. I search for every opportunity that will challenge me and help me to learn new things. For me, the Fellowship is a unique experience which brings young enthusiastic people from different ages and backgrounds in politics, economics, culture, and art. This has helped me to think far beyond the law and adopt a more global perspective — this is absolutely a win.”
Soaad Hossam

“Through the Gabr Fellowship, I had the unique opportunity to work alongside the foreign policy experts of today and tomorrow. Working together, I'm confident that the Gabr Fellows will continue to bridge cultural and political divides between the East and West both as friends and as colleagues. It is my sincere hope that our work will become the foundation for a stronger US-Egyptian partnership for years to come.”
Wes Rogerson

“This Fellowship has been an eye-opening opportunity to learn how important the cultural exchange of ideas is. I’ve gained experiences that I do not think I would have received from reading hundreds of books. I’m so grateful that I’ve been selected as a Gabr Fellow and it has been a very insightful journey.”
Yara El-Braidy