Ahmed Nagy, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

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“We are now in our route to the luxor. And After spending 11 days since the beginning of this program, I can frankly say that my family has grown with an additional 24 members! As a matter of fact, I deal with them now on that basis, to the extent that when I talk with my mother, she always asks me about our new members in our family, and asks if I have taught them Arabic or not yet.
I've learned significantly about Egypt since I got the chance to visit various places and explore further details about the Egyptian culture and its deep-rooted history, which I haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to before. I also value the views I’ve heard from all the speakers, whether it was associated with arts, politics, economics, history or technology.
I am grateful to Shafik Gabr Foundation for this program or else, I would have honestly regretted it if I hadn’t joined this fellowship. I am waiting enthusiastically to complete the second part of this program in the US.
I really believe that this program has succeeded in its aim which is finding a common language dialogue to connect the East and the West together. I believe that no matter how different we look and how diverse we are, there will always be something that binds us together, whether it was Arts, Literature, Science, Technology or even humanity and feelings”
Ahmed Nagy, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

4th February 2016