Mohga Ahmed, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 2013

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“At the end of two weeks of travelling to Alexandria and Luxor and living closely and constantly with the fellows, I feel I have developed a stronger bond with everyone even the people I did not approach at the beginning which made the whole trip and program more exciting and enjoyable, I was reminded that I should not judge nor build on first impressions that most of the time mislead and how to see the good in everyone and find the similarities that could bring us together . Moreover regarding the action project that was the phase where I struggled a bit as I wanted to have an awareness campaign about human rights but plans changed and I had to decide to work on a different subject that am really interested with now. Finally the program is ending. I'll miss everyone. I had a great time. I learned more about the other culture and shared great memories that I'll always remember.”
Mohga Ahmed, Gabr Fellow. June 17th 20133

4th February 2016