Nourhan Moussa, Class of 2014

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Nourhan Moussa, Class of 2014

“This Fellowship is unique and the experience can’t be put into words. I encourage other ambitious young people who believe in building bridges to be part of the friendship we've established between Egyptians and Americans.
On the personal, professional, and intellectual levels you feel your transformation. For me, it was a growing passion and energy and belief in, and trust towards, the changes needed to build even one more stone in the peace bridge between our nations.
It exceeded my expectations in both gaining knowledge and making connections. I believe in the concept that humans are humans across the world.
I trust and believe more and more in myself not because of my skills only, but because of what I have seen and felt in the passion and beliefs of Mr. Shafik Gabr and how much he believes in me and all the Fellows and our ability for changing the world and growing as leaders.
To other young leaders I say, be positive, energetic, and motivated; Try to gain a place in this inspired and magnificent experience and be part of the global changes being worked towards.”
Nourhan Moussa, Class of 2014
Attorney at Law

4th February 2016